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First-edition hard-cover hardcopy books and audio books (MP3, stories and commentary, read by the author) are now available. See “Baffled and Other Stories” tab for written and audio excerpts. Buy through PayPal.

Welcome to “Gary’s Write Stuff” website, a short, selected, esoteric compilation of Gary Lawrence’s writing-related life.

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My life is a testimony to life-long learning and a sense of urgency: Thirty years in technical writing and training management in the aerospace business. Three different degrees, two advanced. A secondary teaching certificate in English. Retired early from my aerospace job to get an MFA degree to write fiction and to teach English in my “encore” career. One of the first to develop Canvas online classes for my college ENG comp classes. Published three short stories so far (“Garage sale,” “Trinity,” “Why I’m Here”). Self-published a short story collection (Baffled and Other Stories) in 2013.

Read on if you dare.

Please Note: In the slightly-revised words of one of my favorite authors, ministers, and, well, people, Robert Fulghum: “This website contains a wide variety of stuff — complete stories, academic papers, bits and pieces, commentary, and who-knows-what else. As is always the case these days, the material is protected by copyright. On the other hand, I publish it here to be shared. Feel free to pass it on. Just give me credit. Fair enough?”


3 responses to “Home

  1. Matt

    Nice site, Gary! I think I’ll be getting updates from now on.

  2. Charles

    Hey Gary are you still talking to your neighbors?

  3. Janet

    Would love to read your books…. Of course I know about your writing ability from past experience.

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