About Me

The author on top of Harney Peak in South Dakota

The author in South Dakota

I’m Gary Lawrence. I grew up in Rockford IL after being born in France to an Air Force dad. I attended Rockford public schools and Rockford College (small liberal arts school). In addition to a BA in English, I got a secondary teaching certificate there that I never used. Instead I worked almost 30 years for the local aerospace company before retiring early and earning an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. In 2009, my wife Linda and I moved to Phoenix, where I now teach English for Glendale Community College.

Teaching Experience
Aerospace Management Experience



4 responses to “About Me

  1. Dan Klefstad

    Hi Gary, it’s Dan Klefstad at WNIJ. Thanks for sending that copy of Baffled, I really enjoyed it — and I want to include it in my Summer Book Series which will air in June. Interviews will happen in late-April and May. When would you be available to record an interview in our studios?

  2. Gary – Dan must have lost control of your book “Baffed”. My wife just picked up a copy at Heartland bookstore. I’m beginning to read it, but first wanted to look you up – it’s been awhile since our days at CirlceEss. Thought of you often and tried in vain to keep track of you. Karl Burdick http://www.rcfband.org

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