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Twelve stories about growing up -- or not.

Twelve stories about growing up — or not.


My short story collection Baffled And Other Stories will be published in hard-copy, e-book, and audio formats in late September 2013. Baffled the book contains 12-14 stories (depending on how you count), including the title story “Baffled.”
The audio version is read by the author, and also contains the author’s commentary and some discussion questions. Baffled and Other Stories will eventually be available for purchase in hard-cover hard-copy, e-book, and audio formats.

The book contains these stories (click the links for a short description and written/audio preview):

o “Baffled”
o “Showtime”
o “Famous”
o “Trinity” (three linked stories)
“You Just Had To Do It (1963)”
“The Wait (1983)”
“Dreamer (2003)”
o “Throwing Snowballs At Cars”
o “Wrestleback”
o “Why I’m Here”
o “Garage Sale”
o “The Sum of All Fears”
o “Working Class”
o “Turnabout”
o “Coming Home”
The book also contains a “Gary’s Extra’s” section for teaching, author information, discussion, and commentary:
o Ideas on how to approach/analyze any short story (“Get More”).
o An interview of the author.
o Author comments and discussion questions on each story.
o An article on the Art of Fiction by the author: “Failed Poet’s Society.”

Read more in “About This Book.”


“Baffled” is being published in Short Story America Volume III: 47 Great Contemporary Short Stories (September 2013).

The story “Why I’m Here” was Gary Lawrence’s first published story — in March 2012 online at, and in the hard-copy anthology Short Story America Volume II: 47 Great Contemporary Short Stories (September 2012).

“Garage Sale” won honorable mention at the first Short Story America Contest (September 2012), and is being published in September 2013 in SSA’s Volume III anthology (print) and website (

Early versions of “Garage Sale,” “Showtime,” and “Coming Home” placed in the top three stories in three different short story contests sponsored by the Rockford (IL) Writer’s Guild in the early 1990’s (see


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