Teaching Experience

SSA 2012_gary class

I have experience in a wide variety of teaching and learning environments:
o Traditional lecture/face-to-face.
o Accelerated.
o Low (brief) residency.
o Hybrid (online with one-hour/week F2F session).
o Online (Blackboard, ANGEL, and Canvas).
o Academic and business.

I was also a team/group facilitator in the aerospace business for TQM, continuous improvement, problem solving and Quality Circles. If you have any questions or want to learn more, please contact me at wheels54@gmail.com.

I have taught Developmental English and English Composition at Glendale (AZ) Community College since Fall 2011 as an adjunct instructor. I have taught multiple classes in a wide variety of formats, including face-to-face (FTF), hybrid, and online. In Fall 2012, I was one of the first GCC English instructors (and perhaps THE first adjunct instructor?) to design, develop and teach composition courses online using Canvas. I teach MLA format to my ENG091 and ENG101 composition students, and APA format to my ENG102 research students.


I am an alumni of Cardinal Stritch College’s “Program In Management for Adults,” an accelerated cohort learning format for business professionals. The original format here is face-to-face: Meet four-hours, one night a week with your class and instructor. Meet once per week with your study group. Prepare and present one major individual project and one major group project per class session. When the 5-7 week class is finished, a new instructor arrives with a new course subject — classes go non-stop until the degree is completed.

I taught in this same PMA program for Stritch’s College of Business since 1990 — first as a face-to-face instructor, then, since 2008, online. I taught AS, BA, BS, MS, and MBA students. I was also a research advisor (APA). developed a TQM curriculum for MS/MBA students, and taught several “Capstone” classes (MS/MBA student theses completion).



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