Gary’s Teaching Philosophy

My Teaching Philosophy/Style:
• All students start with an “A,” with equal opportunity to keep it or lose it based on their personal effort and results.
• I believe education is something to be “pulled out of” students versus something to be “crammed into” students.
• As a teacher I learn at least one thing from every class I teach.
• I believe in life-long learning. A key to long life, as well, is your openness to consider new ideas and ability to learn from anyone — your humility.
• People that feel good about themselves learn more than people that are shamed and/or humiliated and/or intimidated.
• I am your teacher first and your friend or buddy second.
• I do not have much if any tolerance for lies, late assignments or excuses.
• Learning should be relevant and meaningful to the learner. Learning should be current. Learning should be meaningful. Learning should be challenging. Learning should be both analysis and synthesis. Learning should be fun.


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