“The Wait (1983)”

A recently-divorced dad tries to explain “things” to his teenage son.


The drive home from Chicago wore on. Rob and Jeff’d had a great father-son weekend together. Two nights at an Embassy Suite in Schaumberg with the soccer team. Saturday and Sunday – the Club’s last three games of the year. All weekend long he’d wanted to pull Rob aside for a talk, but it just hadn’t worked out. He thought about talking to him several times on the hour-and-a-half drive home too — but he couldn’t. His tongue was too fat; his breathing, too hard. He felt it most in his throat, a quick rising and catch. He held his emotions in his throat, something about himself he knew too well, something he both hated and appreciated. He felt stranded and alone in the car, even though Rob was only feet away from him.
He turned onto Shaw Street from State. Two blocks from home. Her home, now. Time was running out.

“The Wait (1983) is one of three stories in the short-story sequence “Trinity,” part of the collection Baffled and Other Stories. For the rest of the story… Buy Baffled NOW!

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