“Dreamer (2003)”

A wheelchair-bound mother waits for her son to arrive at the nursing home to celebrate her birthday.


“Jeff’ll be here. He promised. He probably just had to work late.” She slammed her wheelchair into the nightstand, trying to steer around the hospital bed in the small room. “It’s my 70th birthday. He wouldn’t miss it for the world. He wouldn’t dare. Now get down my purple dress, the pretty one.” She snapped her good eye quickly at the aide. Since the stroke the other eye was taped over. “I want to be ready when he gets here. I don’t want him to have to wait for me.”
“Si, senora.”
She waved a curled crooked hand toward the closet. “No not that one! The other one.”

“Dreamer (2003)” is one of three stories that make up the short story sequence “Trinity” in the powerful collection, Baffled and Other Stories. For the complete story… Buy Baffled and Other Stories NOW!

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