NPR Readings and Interview (June 6, 2014, WNIJ’s Dan Klefstad)

Thanks NPR and Dan Klefstad for a great interview and article on WNIJ!

If you missed it “live” today, the interview and the reading of my title story “Baffled” are now posted at the Northern Public Radio website:

Or go to

  Click “Arts and Culture.”  See the lead in to the article, “Rockford Native Mines His Past for First Book.”  Click on “Read More” link to see the rest of the article and the “Listen” links to the MP3 recordings.

Be sure to return to this site every Friday in June to hear another interview by Dan and readings from another local Northern Illinois author. 

To purchase a copy of Baffled, my self-published 200-page hard-copy short story collection, see my website: 

The book and reviews are also available on Amazon, but more goes to the author (me!) if you buy through my website. 

Regardless of whether you buy or not, enjoy the interviews and please, please support WNIJ.  We live in Phoenix, which does have an NPR station (KBAQ) — but only 5 of every 100 listeners actually support the stations financially.  Let WNIJ know what a great series you think Dan’s Summer Book Series is, and how much you like NPR supporting local authors and programs.  A pledge would be great!


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  1. George Whinna

    Nice interview.


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