Baffled Reviewed by Rockford Writer’s Guild

Connie Kuntz, editor of the Rockford Writer’s Guild’s The Rockford Review, recently published this review of my short story collection, Baffled, in the Winter-Spring 2014 issue, “How to…”:

“Gripping, nostalgic stories that capture harrowing, life-defining moments with wit and wisdom. Gary Lawrence’s writing is intelligent and sometimes sardonic. I thoroughly enjoyed all the stories and recommend Baffled for the man in your life who has pondered what kind of man he is supposed to be. ‘I’m supposed to take it like a man…but which kind of man am I supposed to take it like?’

Lawrence’s work is quotable and memorable. Most of all, it is deeply intelligent and insightful and I couldn’t put it down.”

Copyright 2014, Rockford Writer’s Guild. Used by permission. A limited number of signed, hard-cover copies of Baffled And Other Stories are available to Rockford Writer’s Guild members at meetings at a discount. Get more information on the Rockford Writer’s Guild at

Thanks Connie and the RWG!

PS Rockford just “happens” to be my home town; the Rockford Writer’s Guild just “happens” to be the organization that first published my work, way back when; and Rockford just “happens” to be the setting for most of the stories in Baffled.


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