Dear Gary,

Thank you for writing Baffled. I’m sure it was as cathartic in the writing as it was in the reading. It also had to be illuminating, like writing a journal is illuminating and filled with occasional epiphanies. The courage it takes to publish such an intimate and revealing book—I applaud. That’s what universal writing is, though, isn’t it, words from the heart and soul which strikes a cord in the reader’s heart and soul. 
At times, it was difficult to read, and I know why Jan said it needed to be read one story at a time. There were a lot of fibers in Baffled that touched the fibers of my make-up and it was painful to read. Other times, I laughed at the actions and situations in which the characters found themselves or created for themselves. 
Some might say it is too revealing, and at times, I thought so, but then the story/characters would redeem itself/themselves and I could go on without any sadness. There is a deep and abiding tone of resolve, if not hope, at times, and I caught on to that thread for dear life! For when one reads truth, one must believe in hope or one is doomed to wallow in the vulnerabilities and challenges of one’s own life. 
Baffled inspires me to journal more, re-feel, and question my memories; it also challenges me to find new meaning in those memories. 
Thank you, again, for writing Baffled. I hope you write more, and I hope more and more and more readers find you. 
Love to you and Linda, and all yours,
Lillie Mae

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