Four Chambers Issue 01 Is OUT!

Friends,  I attended a great launch party Thursday night at the Film Bar in downtown Phoenix for Four Chamber’s inaugural issue.  Fantastic!  Jake Friedman and Co. did a great job — I have read only a few of the poems and stories so far (in between grading English papers) and they are indeed high-quality writing.  My story, “Trinity,” is published there — I am proud to be associated with such a fine crew and gaggle of fellow writers.  The magazine (a 145-page soft-cover) is dubbed “The Heart of Literature in Phoenix” — believe it.  You can buy your copy online at www.fourchamberspress. com, or go to Changing Hands in Tempe to buy a copy the old-fashioned way.  Four Chambers will also be at the Phoenix Art Festival next weekend — see us there.  PS Take a moment and read the author biographies — arguably the most creative aspect of the magazine, stories and poems in and of themselves. 


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  1. heidi sauer

    so cool! congratulations!

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